Team Integration

Tina makes geographic and corporate boundaries invisible allowing your users to easily integrate with their teams to get their work done.

If your company is the prime contractor, you control the team – who is in your network (your employees, sub-contractors and partners) and the levels of access that you provide to each of them. Likewise, if one of your partners is prime (and also using Tina) they control the team. As teams change, Tina’s flexible user management framework allows you to quickly make adjustments ensuring controlled access to documents and files are always intact. If you are a Tina user who belongs to multiple networks, you only need to login to Tina once to access all your networks and documents – moving between each network is achieved through a single tap or click.

Tina’s sync framework has been designed to reflect your network memberships. The files you are working on are cleanly segregated in TinaDrive eliminating confusion and helping you get your work organized.


You can easily share information with team members outside your company who are not using Tina. You’ll do this by simply selecting the folders, files and documents you wish to share and the individuals you wish to share them with. Tina sends out an email with a time sensitive link that, when clicked on, downloads the folders, files and documents to the receiver’s device. Tina retains a detailed record of the transaction, stops email systems from getting bogged down with heavy files and eliminates the need for IT involvement and often less than secure FTP solutions.

Discussion Board

Your documents and files often represent the only tangible output of many meetings, discussions and decisions. Tina allows you to collect and preserve this important design history in a document centric discussion board. Users can add posts and comments that will be preserved and available over the life of your document.