Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

As a software OEM, AwareBase intimately understands what it takes to cost effectively create and support reliable software.

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Before embarking on a custom software project, AwareBase works with its customers to quantify the business challenges & issues and determine a clear statement of requirements. Because AwareBase understands the true life-cycle costs of software solutions, we encourage our customers to first seek out Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products and we often act as their agent to track down an optimum solution. AwareBase usually finds much more affordable COTS solutions that meet the majority of our customer requirements and then develops integrated gap filling software applications at a much lower total cost.

AwareBase Tina is often deployed as a COTS-Custom hybrid fully leveraging the value of Tina’s COTS features and functions such as security, workflow, change management, and document management with custom developed modules.

AwareBase’s expertise is with data centric application solutions. We know data – how to structure it and how to optimize our designs to achieve optimal performance and the lowest possible total lifecycle costs. AwareBase develops superior custom software solutions through industry leading Microsoft technologies (such as SharePoint), requirements driven agile development methodologies and project management best practices.

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