Document Control as a Service

AwareBase Document Controllers use AwareBaseTina5s document control software in the cloud to help you manage and control your engineering information. AwareBase delivers this Document Control capability for far less than the cost of creating and sustaining your own.

Rapid Time to Capability

Because Tina5s is in the cloud, the software element of our DCaaS offering is available NOW – there is no hardware to procure, no software to install and no IT support required. Once you engage us, our experienced Document Control team will spend the first 1 – 5 days working with you to configure your Tina5s network so that access and distribution of your documents and files are precisely controlled. In the days that follow, our Document Controllers will work remotely alongside the rest of your team to take care of the Document Control functions required to support your project.


Tina5s has no capital costs and low monthly user fees ($39 per user per month). We provide our Document Controllers to you at rates lower than you would pay to hire them yourself. Both the software fees and the Document Controller fees are provided as an elastic service that scale to meet the needs of your projects as they ebb and flow.

Low Risk

Proven software, experienced Document Controllers and mature processes.