Tina Product

Document Management

As an engineer, one of the biggest challenges you face is quickly finding the information you need to get your job done. When you do find it (and you’ve confirmed that it’s the latest version) the next challenge you face as you author the next revision is controlling versions and access as you make changes. The last big hurdle comes when it’s time to route your drawings or reports through your business process for review, approval and release – tracking exactly where they are in the process can be a challenge.


Tina provides you with a number of ways to quickly find the files you need:

Search based on metadata – Look for your documents based on who authored them, their title, category and other information (metadata) about your documents and files.

Search based on content – Search for your documents and files using key words in their content.

Search in your favorites – Create and manage your own personal folders in your work space. Link the files you are working on (or refer to often) so that you can quickly find them when you need them.

Search based on relationships – Create and maintain direct and hierarchical links between documents and files. Follow the relationships to find the files you need.

Advanced Search – Create queries like: Find all drawings created by Dilbert since January 1st, 2014.

Version Control

Once you find the file you need, Tina allows you to lock it preventing your colleagues from inadvertently overwriting your work. As you author your documents and files, Tina’s file synchronization utility (TinaSync) works behind the scenes keeping your local file in sync with the cloud. If you’re collaborating on a large document or file with a colleague, you can create a branch and work independently in a controlled fashion. When you complete and release your documents, Tina automatically takes care of obsoleting the old revision. Tina preserves an automated and complete revision and version history of all your documents.

Access Control

Tina allows you to create and manage default security settings for each document category in the system. When you load a new document or file in Tina, you can either use the default setting for the category (inherit) or set up your own.

Access to your documents and files is controlled by individual and/or role and Tina’s security framework allows you to establish access levels for each. For example, the role ‘Shop Floor’ may be restricted to access documents that are released and view only privileges may be assigned.

Tina allows you to create security attributes that can be applied to your documents and individual users. If the attributes do not match, users will not be able to find and view sensitive documents for which they do not have the required clearance – if you deal with ITAR controlled data, or other equally sensitive information, you will appreciate this feature.


When your files and documents are ready for review, release and transmittal to your customers, you’ll use Tina’s workflow engine to move them through your business process.

You’ll use Tina’s workflow engine to create simple and complex workflows that reflect your business processes – commonly used workflows may be saved as templates for future use. Tina makes it easy to create sequential and parallel document workflows and provides automated notifications to individuals or groups as they move through your review, approval and release process. In the event that some are slow to respond, Tina allows you to create escalation rules. With Tina’s workflow engine you’ll know who has taken what action on your documents and files and you’ll have instant insight into whether or not things are on track.

All documents and files that are workflowed to you for action will appear in a single location for your attention. Tina’s workflow engine helps you get organized – you’re able to see what has been workflowed to you in the past, what requires your attention today and what will be coming your way next week.

File Synchronization

TinaSync is a Windows application that works behind the scenes to keep the documents and files you and others are working on in sync on all your devices. Tina and TinaSync are designed to work together to simplify your document management experience – especially during the document creation stage.

You’ll install TinaSync on the devices you use to get your work done. For example, if your work and home PC’s have TinaSync installed (and sync has been turned on for the document you are working on), any changes you make and save on your work PC will automatically be mirrored and reflected on your home PC.

As the admin, you’ll control device registration and approvals through the Tina admin console. If a registered device is lost or stolen, you’ll simply mark it to be wiped – the next time the device connects to the internet, all local Tina files will be deleted.

Document Templates

You’ll use Tina’s template feature to standardize the use of forms and documents across your business. As the admin, you’ll manage and control your form and document templates only making the latest approved ones available to your users. As a user, you’ll always create a new document or file from the latest, greatest approved template.


You’ll use Tina to create direct or hierarchical relationships between your files and documents. The relationships you create and maintain will to help you find what you’re looking for and better understand the true impact of a potential design change.

Hyperlinks & Physical Media

Although your documents and files are principally in digital media format, you’re engineers still access documents through hyperlinks to external web sites and also as physical media on a bookshelf somewhere in your company. Regardless of media type, you’ll use Tina to keep a record of all the documents and files that are important to your business. Once users find the document they need in Tina, they can download it if in digital media format, click on a link if hyperlinked to an external website, or if physical media, take a walk to where it is located.

Although Tina is not a library management system, we provide essential functionality so that your Document Controllers always know where physical documents are. This makes life easy when documents are revised and released and old physical copies need to be found and replaced.