Tina Product

In Service BOM

Use Tina to define product hierarchies as they are designed (Engineering BOM), built (Manufacturing BOM) and maintained (In-Service BOM).

With Tina, you can create and maintain hierarchical relationships between assemblies, components and parts and link these items to other important information such as manufacturers, suppliers, raw materials and quantities. Your design, manufacturing and product support groups rely on this information to communicate, order, stock, build and install the correct parts and assemblies on your products. Tina will help you reduce the risk of stocking, ordering and installing the incorrect or non-optimum part which will save your business money and ensure regulatory compliance.

With Tina, you’ll be able to modify product hierarchies, adjust relationships, add new parts or make changes to preferred and alternate parts. Because you’ll be able to create and manage the product hierarchy, and link information such as engineering drawings and engineering reports to discrete items in the hierarchy, you’ll be able to quickly understand and assess the true impact of any proposed changes. With Tina, you’ll be able to view the state of any BOM at any point in the past, present, future (pending changes) and possible future (possible changes) underpinning effective configuration management. Tina will also ensure that your material group doesn’t order a million dollars of material that it won’t need next week when an engineering change takes effect.

In-Service BOMs are often published to Illustrated Parts Catalogs. Tina streamlines the publishing process through an XML export feature reducing publishing costs and ensuring data integrity.