Maintenance Requirements

Your assets exist to generate revenue or deliver a critical service – or both. When they’re in the plant being worked on, they become a cost centre as skilled technicians maintain them in accordance with the preventive maintenance program. As your assets age, the preventive maintenance program evolves and changes in response to what is (or isn’t) found during maintenance. It also evolves based on manufacturer or regulatory advisories and bulletins as well as modifications and upgrades that are designed and introduced over the years. Further complicating matters are the repairs, part replacements and other unique activities that you have undertaken over time.

Your principal challenges are understanding:

How your asset’s configuration is changing and how these changes will impact the preventive maintenance program
What you are (or are not) finding when you perform maintenance
What each and every maintenance action (as it relates to specific requirements in your preventive maintenance program) is costing you

Tina will help you manage the many thousands of discrete maintenance requirements that are your asset’s preventive maintenance program. As your assets age, Tina will help you manage the evolution of discrete maintenance requirements in response to emerging damage and reliability trends. With Tina, your support engineers will be able to continuously tailor the maintenance program to maximize safety and availability/uptime at the lowest possible lifecycle cost.

Tina will allow your team to efficiently manage all conditional (vibration, wear, fatigue index, etc) and planned (calendar time, service hours, cycles, etc) preventive maintenance requirements as they are introduced and changed over time. Your team will use Tina to create links and establish hierarchical relationships between discrete maintenance requirements (and other data in the system – including documents and other hierarchies). Tina will be instrumental in providing:

Compliance – Tina maintains a fully auditable historical change record providing clear insight into the ‘who, what, where, when and why’ as they relate to all maintenance requirement changes. Regulatory compliance will be assured.

Clarity – Tina provides clear insight into the status of the maintenance program at any point in the past, present, future (approved changes yet to be implemented) and possible future (changes not yet approved). You’ll always know where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going.

Informed Change – Tina provides insight into all items affected by a potential change to a maintenance requirement. Because you know exactly what is impacted by a change, you will make informed business decisions about whether or not to proceed with the change.

Rational Rationalizations – Tina closes the loop by linking discrete maintenance requirements to related maintenance records. You will always know how effective your maintenance program is based on what you are finding (or not finding) as you maintain. With Tina, maintenance program rationalizations are simplified.