Information Environment Transformation Plan

  • Step-1

    We work with you to determine a clear non-technical vision of what your information environment needs to achieve.

  • Step-2

    We review your business plan to clarify your medium and long term business requirements.

  • Step-3

    We conduct a configuration audit of your current information environment to determine the status and location of hardware, connectivity, application solutions and data.

  • Step-4

    We review and document the inputs and outputs of your business, key processes and data flows.

  • Step-5

    We identify the gaps, issues and risks uncovered during steps 3 & 4 then quantify and gain agreement on the current and future impact on your businesses bottom line.

  • Step-6

    We determine a range of costed solution options available to close gaps, eliminate issues and reduce risk.

  • Step-7

    We work closely with you to select the best solution options based on Step 5 & 6 value/cost analysis and we develop a prioritized transformation road map designed to deliver the most value to your business first.