Tina Product

Product Overview

Tina is an acronym for Team INtegration Architecture. Tina securely integrates geographically dispersed and corporately disparate team members who are working together as partners to deliver value to their customers.

Tina is provided as an on-premise enterprise solution to technical teams who are supporting their products in service (Tina Enterprise) and as a cloud solution to engineers who require enterprise grade document management (Tina5s).

Tina Enterprise

Tina Enterprise is designed to simplify the information management challenges faced by technical teams supporting large, expensive products that are typically in service for many years. Tina provides engineers with the ability to manage and take control of product data including:

Documentation and Technical Data
Maintenance Requirements
Maintenance Records
Maintenance Planning
Usage Information
Bill-Of-Materials Information

Tina Enterprise is licensed and delivered as an ‘on premise’ solution – complete with file synchronization and mobile apps that keep your workforce connected. Tina’s robust security framework, architecture and design are proven every day by our Defence Sector customers.


Tina5s is enterprise grade document management for engineers. Tina5s fully leverages Tina Enterprise’s proven architecture, framework and design (the term ‘5s’ is a lean methodology focused on organizing a work space to maximize efficiency). Tina5s is delivered on our cloud and is provided to our customers as a service (SaaS) at highly affordable monthly fees.

The Tina5s interface is web based, full featured and is complemented by a file sync utility to simplify the document authoring experience. In addition, mobile applications are available to keep team members connected when they are on the road.